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Fact, Fiction, Mild Mental Instability, and Everything in Between

I'm a temp from Chiswick! Well, actually, that'd be Donna Noble from Doctor Who. I'm really a sometimes overly-overworked other times completely underworked high school student attempting to claw her way into a career of games programming. If it involves programming or graphics at school, I'm doing it.

I also write. A fair bit, actually. Fiction, in particular. Err... fanfiction, in particular. Something I want to do when I'm older is write an actual publishable book. Not sure if that'll ever happen - but who knows, eh? No one gets anywhere by not trying. Because of this, I'm pretty passionate about English classes, even though I have a tendency to get distracted by friends. I generally get my work done on time despite that and will go to great lengths to improvise if I don't or forget to bring it. Even though we have a rather sad amount of work involving fiction, I do find some essays and reports quite fun, if they have a good topic. Nuclear power, cryogenics and volcanoes, for instance.

If there's one kind of physical activity that I really like, though, it's rollerblading. I've been doing it for years, and while I haven't improved a great deal over the last year, I'm happy with my skill level now. I can go forwards relatively quickly, skate backwards - though not gracefully whatsoever - oh, and can do this weird trick that I'm sure I can only do because I have a double joint in both of my legs. Hahah... but with stuff like ramps? I epically fail.

Oh yes, and satire? Love it. Black humour? Love that too, though maybe it's because it's basically the same thing. Irony and sarcasm comes under the category too, I think. Anything that gives me a good laugh.