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09 October 2009 @ 03:58 pm
 Did my science test today. I think I did... well. There was things covered in it that weren't even IN the book, like exothermic and endothermic organisms - it's a good thing I know what those mean. But, all in all, much of what I studied for was useless.

Still, I'm hoping for a 70%, hopefully? I did answer everything, and I did get... well, most of it.

But a more urgent concern lies within what else happened to me. Such as the eczema that appeared on the backs of my legs halfway through, (I've figured out that science tests irritate my skin) and the fact that I cannot concentrate on anything remotely academic, except for Geography, which is writing articles and is fun. Everything  else went right over my head, and, and, and, I CAN'T CONCENTRATE PROPERLY. I added up all the hours I spent studying for chemistry when I got home, and brought le grande totale to 21 hours since MONDAY. This is NOT healthy. I cannot THINK properly at the moment. I'm SAYING things without knowing what I'm saying. And until I got home from school, I was a nervous freaking wreck. When I could sit still, my brain was dead. When I couldn't sit still, I was hysterical.

Oh, and, since Tuesday, I've only had nine hours of sleep. I'd go to bed and toss and turn and then get up and do some study because I felt like I wasn't making good use of my time.

I've honestly never been so paranoid by anything in school-wise in my life. *sigh* For God's sake, I should be feeling relief because it's over, but for some reason it's... totally not working. At all. *headdesk*


Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted